July 24, 2021

A Guide to the Best Places to Visit in London

London is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Britain, its the capital city, is the center of arts and entertainment. The city attracts more than 20 million tourists each year. If one is looking to pick the best places to visit in London, one can’t! There are so many places to see in the city. London has some of the best cultural and educational attractions. Let’s have some ideas about the places of interest. 

The Changing of the Guard, and Buckingham palace

Buckingham’s palace, built-in 1837, is the London home of the Royal Family. Buckingham’s palace has 775 rooms, including 78 bathrooms and 19 staterooms. The staterooms are reserved for monarchs where they receive their award. The throne room inside the palace is the central attraction. However, what draws the most crowd to this iconic building is the changing of the guard. The event is so popular that it draws a crowd regardless of the season. The changing of the guard takes place at St. James palace at half-past eleven in the morning.

Why is Big Ben One of the Best Places to Visit in London

The iconic clock tower- Big Ben- is one of the best places to visit in London. The gigantic bell is one of the city’s renowned landmarks. It is also a popular destination after dusk. Therefore, if you are looking for the best places to visit in London at Night, you know where to look. Big Ben was known as St. Stephens’s tower till 2012 and then christened as Elizabeth tower. The clock stands 320 feet high and measures 9 feet and 14 feet long. You have to cover 334 steps to reach belfry and 399 steps to reach the Ayrton light. Big Ben is known for its accuracy and gigantic bell.

London Eye 

London Eye is the world’s tallest Cantilever wheel. The London wheel attracts nearly 4 million visitors every year. There are 32 capsules on the wheel, and on a nice day, you get to have a spectacular view of the city. The wheel was introduced to the public in the year 2000. It is also one of the best places to visit in London during Christmas. It is also one of the major New year attractions. Buckingham’s Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and similar famous landmarks can be seen from the London Eye. 

Tower Bridge

Located on the River Thames, Tower Bridge is the symbol of London. The bridge stands as a benchmark of England’s engineering design. What makes Tower bridge so unique is the magnanimous tower and connected walkways. The Tower Bridge provides some amazing views of the city. It is 240 meters in length and 61 meters high. It is Truly, one of the best places to visit in London.

Tower of London

The Tower of London has played a prominent role in London’s history. It was a prison, housing for royal documents, and safe heaven where coins were minted. It was also a royal zoo for a brief period. The Tower of London is the center of crown jewels kept under strict supervision. If you are a lover of history, then you must visit the white tower.

 London is truly an Iconic place and should be visited at least once. The list, although, may cover some of the famous places, but there is much more. From historical places, wine tasting, to amazing nightlife, it can’t be scripted. If one is looking for the best places to visit in London, this list will help him/her out.