July 24, 2021
The Netherlands

Best Places to Visit in Netherlands in 2021

The Netherlands is the crown jewel of Europe. It is the travel hub, and there are many best places to visit in the Netherlands. Whether it is culture, history or heritage, Netherlands has a unique combination. Looking to make a trip to the Netherlands? Then look no further. From beautiful water canals, high windmills to stunning flower fields, the Netherlands has everything.


Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit In Netherlands is Amsterdam. Party atmosphere, and Legal cannabis practice are synonymous with Amsterdam. However, this capital city of the Netherlands offers so much more. The beautiful historical buildings, the canal rings and astounding museums are bound to attract one’s attention. If one loves art and sightseeing, this is the place. Amsterdam also has several street markets and a large diversity of restaurants. Some unique offerings of the city includes,

1) Anne Frank House
2) Vondelpark
3) Bloemenmarkt
4) Van Gogh Museum
5) Rijksmuseum
6) Concertgebouw (Popular concert hall)
7) Albert Cuyp
8) Prinsengracht area

Ossenworst sausage, fried meatball (bitterballen) and Dutch cheese are some popular specialties of Amsterdam.

Delft: One of the Best Places to Visit in Netherlands

If one is thinking of the best places to visit in the Netherlands in March, Delft is the ideal destination. Delft is an intriguing town that specializes in antique restoration. Therefore, if one is an antique enthusiast, one must visit Delft. Other than unique craftsmanship, the town has amazing water canals, beautiful artworks and numerous museums. Delft is the birthplace of Johannes Vermeer. He was a famous dutch artist known for blue, and white Delftware pottery. Some other city gifts include,

1) Renaissance style city hall(Delft City hall)
2) Traditional Holland canal
3) The Prisenhof Museum
4) The Prince’s Court
5) Lambert Van Meerten Museum

Delft is a day trip from Amsterdam for an ideal destination.


If one is looking for a scenic experience, Liden is the place to visit. The tree-lined canals, wooden bridges, lush parks and old windmills will make for an unforgettable experience. Want more? Take a boat ride in one of the lovely canals or visit the botanical gardens. There is so much to choose from. The city also offers,

1) 16th Century Church of St. Peter
2) National Museum of Antiquities
3) Museum Boerhaave
4) The Molen De Walk Windmill museum

It is also one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands in Summer.

The Hague

It is home of the Dutch government and best known for its extraordinary art exhibits. The Hague also known as the Royal city, by the sea. Being populated by Dutch royalty, luxurious stores, international art and cozy shops are often available. Other attractions in The Hague includes,

1) Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
2) Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis
3) The Binnenhof
4) Madurodam
5) Panorama Mesdag
6) Duinrell

The city has a vibrant nightlife alongside its art and culture.


Given its beauty and history, Rotterdam is the perfect getaway. It is also one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands in winter. Rotterdam was once a 13th century fishing village. It is the ideal travel destination for all age groups. If you are looking for fun, history, culture, and city attractions, then look no further. Some unique attractions of the city include,

1) Rotterdam Central Station
2) The Euromast Tower
3) De Markthal
4) Rotterdam Zoo
5) Climbing Park Fun Forest

The Netherlands is an amazing city and it has too much to give. The best places to visit in the Netherlands on this list is not exhaustive. However, if one is planning for a quick getaway, it will definitely help one get an idea where to start and iconic places that shouldn’t be missed.