July 24, 2021

Picturesque Ski Vacation

Rarely would you find anyone looking forward to a vacation is colder temperatures? However, that is only because they have never met a treat such as the picturesque mountains of Zermatt. Located in the Southern Alps in Switzerland, Zermatt is a charming little town with stunning views and 365 days of skiing. The chic attitude is the first thing that stands out for this little town. It is also located just at the foot of the great Matterhorn, making it a scenic European destination.

Getting to this charming village is already an adventure as it is entirely car-free. To get there, you will take a scenic shuttle train ride into the town that benefits from carless streets. It is quiet, with less air pollution, and no noise pollution. The car-free village is perfect for roaming the streets on foot. You are likely to meet people on bicycles and horse-drawn carriages so the only sounds you will hear, are charming little bells.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn dominates the landscape of Zermatt. Whether you choose to admire it or climb it, this mountain is as mighty as it is mysterious. This mountain has been the interest of many for its majestic nature. Surprisingly, it is also known for the unforgiving nature to those who attempt to climb it. It is the icon of the Swiss Alps and one of the most photographed mountains in the world. Most of all, it is a breathtaking sight that you must experience at least once in your life.

Skiing and Hiking

The outdoor activities in this village are worth everything thanks to the spectacular views. The first thing you should do is go skiing. At an altitude of over 12,000 feet, there are 223 miles of slopes to conquer. Tourists gain access to these slopes through magical cable car rides. On arrival, you will meet ski instructors who will make sure you have the best ski experience.

Hiking the Matterhorn is a must-do for everyone at least once. Yes, the mountain presents a majesty that is unforgiving to those who climb it. However, it is a thrilling adventure, and with the proper guide, you will go far high up and get to experience a panoramic view, unlike any other. Once you catch your second wind, the adrenaline rush mixed with the fresh, crisp air of the higher altitude will give you a well-deserved natural high.

Cheese and Chocolate

A Toblerone taste better when you eat it from the signature mountain printed on the wrapper. Every Swiss location has little chocolate stores as there is nothing quite as good as Swiss chocolates. Zermatt is no different, and you cannot leave without tasting signature chocolates. From a sunny terrace, you can also enjoy a glass of wine while you admire the view.

A trip to this charming village cannot end without indulging in tasty fondue. There are many variations of this delicious snack, including some with herbs, and over five cheeses. Others have a strong peppery flavour. Whatever you choose, you are bound to enjoy every single bite.